Disastrous TikToker wedding invitation goes viral for redirecting guests to mature website

A bride-to-be has gone viral on TikTok after revealing her wedding invitations accidentally directed guests to an adult website.

In a hilarious video that garnered over 195,000 views, TikTok user “squidward.tentacles” explained how she accidentally directed guests at her upcoming wedding to a well-known adult site, rather than her official site. of marriage.

“I got my wedding invitations in the mail today – super exciting,” she began. “Except I made a really big mistake that I’m going to share with you guys so other brides don’t make the same mistake because I’m sure it’s very common.”

“I forgot I put this funny website as a placeholder,” she added, showing her gold-embellished RSVP card and zooming in on the web address where the information about her marriage should have been printed.

The RSVP card read: “For more wedding details, please visit our website [adult site URL].”

The bride-to-be also forgot to update information about the accommodations she had arranged for out-of-town guests for her big day.

“I forgot that I also put the Super 8 motel as a placeholder, until we figured out which hotels we were going to block,” she admitted. “If you’re our guest, I promise you I haven’t blocked any rooms at the Super 8 motel. And if you’re my mom, I’m sorry.” I’ll fix it.”

She continued: “I think it’s funny, personally. But I don’t think anyone else will find it funny, especially my family and Nate’s family and literally anybody else, so , I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll fix it.”

TikTok reacts to bride’s disastrous wedding invitations

Many users found the slip-up hilarious, while others pointed out the mistakes on the invitations.

“Something tells me it’s not as common as you make it out to be. [laughing crying emoji] funny though,” one person commented.

“I think that’s hilarious! I checked my invitations 1000 times before finalizing because I did the same thing!” another person admitted.

“Girly considers this a blessing!” There are misspelled hella words,” someone else wrote.

Others suggested that the bride-to-be proofread her invitations before ordering and sending them.

“A BLOCK of rooms has been RESERVED…Yes, please have someone else write and proofread before ordering,” one person suggested.

“Aren’t wedding invitations a bit expensive not to bother proofreading before ordering and mailing?” another person added.

The TikToker gave an update in the comments: “This is just a sample (just wanted to smell the paper)! Do not worry! I’m still stupid and I’ll get people to re-read the real thing.

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