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Deepti Vempati famous chose herself on Love is blind. Throughout Season 2, Netflix viewers fell in love with Deepti, admiring her for recognizing her worth and empowering herself. Sure, Deepti appreciates the support, but she wants everyone to know that taking care of herself has been an ever-evolving journey.

“I feel like there’s so many people who got such a small slice of my life on the show. And everyone thinks, ‘Look at her. She exudes so much confidence and she chose herself. So it was really important for me to show that I’m a work in progress. I haven’t always been like that. I had a lot of confidence and self-esteem issues,” Deepti shared in an exclusive. E ! New interview.

Deepti shared more on Love is blind after the altar and in her book I Choose Myself, emphasizing that she believes the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Even so, she acknowledges that it’s much easier said than done. Deepti believes these “little things” and daily habits really add up, sharing some of her wellness essentials for anyone who wants to make self-care a priority.

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