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ALICE | March 31, 2020

ALICE launched a new free product to help hoteliers operate more efficiently during COVID-19. from ALICE COVID-19 checklist software is available now and is free to help hotels manage their operations during periods of low occupancy or closure, returning to recovery periods and until full occupancy again. ALICE Checklists provides hoteliers with tools to streamline operations and communications. With over 100,000 hoteliers in 2,500 hotels using ALICE, it is the hospitality industry’s premier operating technology, connecting every department in the hotel to a single platform for all staff communications and customer requests.

With ALICE Checklists, the company supports hoteliers in lean times in the way it knows best: providing staff with tools. ALICE has partnered with seasoned hoteliers to create the most comprehensive checklists to keep staff organized and efficient. ALICE provides a library of standardized checklists and allows hotels to create their own checklists for the following procedures:

● Essential preventive maintenance

● Low occupancy rate operation

● Temporary closure of areas for guests

● Works during closing for guests

● Temporary closure of the hotel

● And many others …

The checklists are printable and compatible with mobile devices. ALICE checklists track progress and provide reports to hoteliers. When scaling up operations or fully reopening, checklists can be used to get rooms and public spaces back to service and to streamline task management.

“COVID-19 is a unique cultural, environmental and economic ordeal for hoteliers … an ordeal where we are asked to make cuts in places that seemed unimaginable a short time ago,” says Jeff Parker, hotel operations expert. “I wanted to share my experience with hotels that have not removed the rooms, wings and buildings of the department. These checklists will also help hoteliers prepare for reopening to once again offer hospitality to guests. “

ALICE offers this product free of charge to any hotelier, without any conditions. The strength and spirit of the hotel community is important, and this product will help hoteliers weather the storm until occupancy increases.

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