STAAH unveils the 10 best online booking channels for 2021

Here is a list of the top hotel booking revenue generators around the world. Is your property connected to it?

STAAH, one of the leading cloud-based hotel distribution and guest booking platforms, unveiled the lists of online channels that generated the highest booking revenue for hotels and vacation rentals in 2021 .

The listings, which vary in 10 of the world’s most popular travel destinations, reveal a wider range of consumer choices, although common preferences stand out. is the world’s leading online travel agent (OTA) and is in the top 3 channels in all key destinations measured including New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, India , Singapore, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. .

Expedia and Agoda also rank in the top 5 of these destinations. Go MMT holds the top spot in the Indian market, but there are a number of new entrants in the top 10 spots including Happyeasygo, HRS, and EaseMyTrip. The growing popularity of Airbnb as a chain is also seen in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Thailand and Australia. The new entrants in the first places also reflect the strengthening of local and regional distribution channels due to the restriction of international travel.

The annual listings also highlight the importance of direct bookings for hotels, with hotel websites maintaining their top ranking in all destinations throughout 2021. In this pandemic year, these commission-free bookings have been reduced. a godsend for cash strapped homeowners.

“The pandemic has leveled the playing field for many distribution channels,” says Tony Howlett, COO at STAAH Ltd. “With international travel restricted, travelers look to regional channels and hotel websites (direct bookings). Demand for stays could be one of the drivers of Airbnb preference, as travelers seek authentic experiences at home.

STAAH’s Top 10 Distribution Channels List is a guide for property owners to connect to the top performing channels in their area through the STAAH Channel Manager. However, it’s not just about connecting to all the major channels; it’s also about making sure the channel is right for you and, more importantly, optimizing your SEO on those channels to attract more bookings.

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