Why should a hotel’s online reputation be important to every hotel owner?


How a hotel’s online reputation impacts revenue

Online Hotel Reviewss can be a source of motivation or concern for hoteliers! We live in a time when everyone who has an opinion about a product or service shares the same opinion on social media. It is common for customers to surf the web for hotel reviews before hitting the “Book Now” button. For hotel professionals, departing customers online hotel reviews and detailing their experiences can be a concern as it affects their click-through rate (CTR) and hotel revenue.

A hotel online reputation is therefore of value for travelers looking to explore new destinations. Travelers check review sites and OTA platforms not only for the best deals, but also to get a broader perspective of your hotel. The New Age traveler seeks to understand what others are saying about your hotel before confirming the status of the reservation. Often the opinions of previous guests tend to sway the reader’s mind. This is why a one star rating or a 5 star rating on a reputable platform often dictates the type of revenue that can then be generated by your hotel.

Why your online hotel reputation management question?

1. *A survey by Statistic Brain mentioned 57% of travel bookings were made online in 2017.

What does that mean? Your target group is there, surfing online and reading reviews through various devices.

2. 81% of travelers find online reviews important for a hotel and 49% will not make reservations for a hotel that has no reviews.

What your hotel guests are saying about your property in text, photos, or videos is the type of content that influences the minds of potential guests. Review sites such as TripAdvisor have a direct impact on the revenue of hotel owners.

A hotel reputation management is not a gigantic task if done correctly. Also, you should definitely monitor your online reputation as it has a direct impact on your hotel’s revenue.

How does online reputation relate to a hotel’s revenue?

Hotel reviews have a direct impact on the demand for your hotel. A positive review from happy customers can sway the mind of the next reader playing with the idea of ​​booking your hotel. Negative reviews, on the other hand, can tarnish your brand image. The online reputation of your hotel is therefore of considerable value and should be part of your marketing plan.

So how do you manage your hotel’s reputation online?

Pay attention to your guest: It’s simple, really! Creating an enhanced guest experience begins as soon as a guest books your hotel. Make sure your hotel staff pay close attention and ask for feedback during the stay. This will give you enough time to deal with any questions or concerns raised by the customer at that time. Pay attention, save a customer’s preferences for future use, and exceed expectations every time. A happy customer will make sure others know about your property by posting photos or videos that indicate customer satisfaction levels. These naturally turn into testimonials that say a lot about your property.

Take negative reviews in a positive light: Of course, not all guests will be happy. And then, grudges flow online. It’s fine to be a little stressed, but you can turn the situation around in your favor with an answer that aims to resolve the issue. Be polite, understand what your customer is saying, and demonstrate how far you would go to make sure the issue is resolved. As you respond, many other affected travelers will read and notice your approach. It shows your professional demeanor which will help you build trust and connect with your target group.

Use automation software: Technology has made online reputation management quite easy. Whether it’s independent hotel owners or a hotel chain, smart reputation management tools help hoteliers drive more bookings. Instead of asking a guest to fill out a feedback form upon check-out, you can automate the review collection process.

A property management system that integrates with a tool like TripAdvisor’s Review Express is highly recommended for all hotel owners. With Review Express, you can easily customize your emails for reviews. The PMS in turn can save customer information and data for the future. Emails like this remind guests to respond without the need for hotel staff to intrude into their personal space. In addition, the e-mail is sent as soon as the customer leaves. This process increases your TripAdvisor ratings and reviews and displays the latest reviews online. All of this helps you generate more bookings.

While you indicate that you value their opinion, you can also use it to improve your service if necessary.

A good reputation for your hotel will have a direct impact on the occupancy rate of your hotel in the long run. With the help of technology, you can take advantage of online reviews to increase your revenue, increase your ratings, and stay ahead of your competition. What are your ideas for online reputation management? Let us know.

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