ShareRing unlocks NFC technology for superior identity through its mobile app

ShareRing, a digital identity blockchain ecosystem, will from September 12 enable its global users to use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and access enhanced features of the FaceMatch feature updated during the downloading and installing the ShareRing mobile application.

In an announcement, ShareRing said users who register with government-issued documents such as national IDs and passports would have express and secure access to its NFC solution.

NFC builds on years of research and refinement of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology widely used to power wireless hotel keys and ticketing. However, with millions spent on researching and improving RFID, NFC has become a preferred option because it is well-refined and works over even shorter distances.

ShareRing recognizes the various practical applications of NFC, primarily in identity verification. The privacy and data protection-focused tech company said its decision to require users to register with their government-issued credentials is based on technical as well as strategic reasons. At the top, all of these identification documents, including e-passports and ID cards, are usually implanted with NFC chips when issued by governments. Therefore, when scanned and extracted, the information received is almost always authentic. Furthermore, the ShareRing development team is convinced that NFC will be the future anchor of identity at all levels.

The authenticity of NFC-verified data allows them to more easily qualify users electronically through eKYC while complementing existing identification solutions such as AI facial recognition. Since NFC ID has high levels of accuracy and authenticity, this would result in superior attestation and reliability for registered users leveraging ShareRing ID.

As a result, by allowing users to access NFC after registering with government-issued cards, they are establishing a solid foundation before the inevitable adoption of identity and verification technology.

For a smooth identification process, ShareRing deploys its facial recognition solution software, FaceMatch. The tool will help match the uploading user’s selfie with the scanned image in their e-passport or national ID card. According to ShareRing, the upgraded version of FaceMatch would make it easier for users to register and quickly upload matching images with high levels of face detection scores, making the registration experience smooth.

Earlier, ShareRing announced the launch of Simple NFT Event, a solution for organizing and managing small-scale events. Simple NFT events are available to all users through the ShareRing mobile app.

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