Multiplast Systems, Inc. Announces Extended Application of Its Organic and Degradable Resin Additive for End-of-Life Durability

MultiPlast Systems, Incorporated (MSI) of Solon, Ohio, a manufacturer of renewable and sustainable packaging materials (, announced that it will expand its manufacturing and application capabilities for its organic and degradable resin additive for a best end of life durability for plastic packaging and products.

Founded in 1998, MSI has developed proprietary and durable resin packaging options for customers primarily in the food and hospitality industries. One of their main areas of focus (in addition to PCR and microbial control) has been BEDA, a bio-enhanced degradable additive that provides a convenient, low-cost solution for companies and customers who value products that eventually degrade in landfills for over 75 years. % of waste in the United States ends up in landfills.*

Different from conventional biodegradable plastic, BEDA is shelf stable, remains inert for the life of the product (thus maintaining its integrity over time) and degrades under landfill conditions. Indeed, BEDA simply attracts the natural microorganisms that live in landfills and consume the resin without fragmentation. This natural dynamic considerably accelerates the degradation process.

“We are very pleased to expand the use and applications of BEDA to other markets that appreciate the low cost, sustainable solutions we offer. BEDA is the practical solution for any environmentally conscious company that uses plastic (or laminated) packaging and/or markets disposable plastic products to target audiences looking for sustainable solutions at a reasonable price,” said said Jeff Apisdorf, Founder/President of MSI. .

MultiPlast Systems, Incorporated currently works with leading hotel chains and distributors including Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Choice and Sysco Guest Supply for a variety of product lines including laundry bags, can liners and packaging accreditation programs for clients.

*; Rick LeBlanc, 3/29/21.

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