EVERY scheduling request submitted to Bucks board this week

Here are all the planning applications submitted to Buckinghamshire Council this week.

22/07239/HPDN – 34 Whitepit Lane Flackwell Heath HP10 9HS – Single Storey Rear Extension Project Notification

22/07189/ADRC – Farm Ilmer Lane Ilmer HP27 9RE Bumper – Request for approval of details subject to conditions

22/07175/ADRC – Land at the rear of Wooburn Park Town Lane Wooburn Green Tennis Courts – Application for approval of details reserved by condition

22/06930/FUL – Broomhedge Boss Lane Hughenden Valley HP14 4LQ – Housekeeping request for loft conversion

22/06925/LBC – Long Woodcocks & Waggoners Cottage Heavens Lea Hedsor SL8 5JL – Classified Building Permission to construct a single storey side extension

22/06924/FUL – Long Woodcocks & Waggoners Cottage Heavens Lea Hedsor SL8 5JL – Owner’s request to build one storey side extension

22/06974/CTREE – Chalet Telfers Turville Valley Road Turville RG9 6QL – Tree Landscaping

22/06918/FUL – 62 Oxford Road Marlow SL7 2NL – Owner request for demolition of existing rear extension

22/06903/FUL – Sunrise Stocking Lane Naphill HP14 4RE – Owner’s request for the construction of a single storey freestanding garden room

22/06905/FUL – Acorn Rise & Ambleside North Road Widmer End HP15 6ND – Owner’s request for one storey rear extension at Acorn Rise and Ambleside

22/06895/FUL – 69 Marlow Road High Wycombe HP11 1TQ – Construction of 1 x 6 bedroom individual accommodation, creation of 2 x car parks and associated works

22/06904/FUL – 20 Daws Hill Lane High Wycombe HP11 1PW – Construction of 5 bedroom detached house

22/06893/FUL – Birch Lawn 57A Wycombe Road Princes Risborough HP27 0EY – Application from Head of Household for conversion of roof space above garage for use as office by occupier of accommodation

22/06881/FUL – 182 Herbert Road High Wycombe HP13 7HR – Landlord request for construction of proposed two storey garage with games room

22/06883/FUL – Land NW of Charlottes Farm Marsh Lane Bishopstone HP17 8SN – Changed use of existing farmland to form 5 additional Gypsy/Traveler locations

22/06887/FUL – 85 Station Road Marlow SL7 1NS – Owner request for loft conversion

22/06879/FUL – Hamilton Academy Hampden Road High Wycombe HP13 6SX – Installation of 3 air source heat pumps in rear enclosure

22/06866/FUL – 2 Beech Road Princes Risborough HP27 0BP – Owner’s request to build single storey side and rear extensions

22/06807/FU – 5, 5A, 7 & 7A Mentmore Road High Wycombe HP12 4LU – Change of use of 2 x existing commercial units (sui generis and use class E) on ground floor, construction of a single-storey rear extension with roof terrace

22/06805/FUL – 68 Rutland Avenue High Wycombe HP12 3JH – Housekeeping request for ground floor rear extension

22/06771/CLP – The White House Aylesbury Road Monks Risborough HP27 0JS – Certificate of legality

22/06378/CLP – 2 Whitepit Lane Flackwell Heath HP10 9HS – Certificate of Legality

Chiltern and South Bucks Region:

PL/22/2893/AGN – The Manor House Mumfords Lane Chalfont St Peter SL9 8TQ – Notification of agricultural or forestry development

PL/22/2880/NMA – 140 Chartridge Lane Chesham HP5 2RH – Non-Material Amendment

PL/22/2936/TP – Kenmare House River Road Taplow SL6 0BG – Arboriculture Work

PL/22/2827/TP – Little Gables 1 Manor Lane Gerrards Cross SL9 7NH – Tree work

PL/22/2818/FA – 57 New Road Little Kingshill HP16 0EU – Changed garage layout and replaced roller shutter door with window

PL/22/2817/FA – 38 Little Hivings Chesham HP5 2LU – Single Storey Front Extension

PL/22/2826/EU – Cliveden Stud House Cliveden Road Taplow SL6 0HL – Certificate of Legality

PL/22/2823/KA – Glenelg 8 The Queensway Chalfont St Peter SL9 8NF – Arboriculture work

PL/22/2825/SA – Birches Sly Corner Lee Common HP16 9LD – Certificate of Legal Development for Proposed One Storey Extension

PL/22/2785/NMA – 15 Highlands Road Seer Green HP9 2XL – Non-Material Amendment

PL/22/2758/FA – 50 Holtspur Top Lane Holtspur Beaconsfield HP9 1DT – Two storey front extension with the addition of a canopy over the relocated front door

PL/22/2757/FA – Hollymount Horsemoor Lane Winchmore Hill HP7 0PL – Erection of single storey side and rear extensions following demolition of conservatory

PL/22/2738/FA – 33 Lakes Lane Beaconsfield HP9 2LA – Single Storey Side and Rear Extension

PL/22/2733/FA – Brentford Grange Farm Amersham Road Coleshill HP7 0JU – Two-storey side extensions and two-storey rear extension

PL/22/2728/FA – SGI-UK National Center Taplow Court Cliveden Road Taplow SL6 0ER – Installation of platform lift and associated internal modifications to accommodate proposed wheelchair access arrangements

PL/22/2729/HB – SGI-UK National Center Taplow Court Cliveden Road Taplow SL6 0ER – Classified Building Permission for the installation of a platform lift and associated internal changes to accommodate proposed arrangements for the wheelchair access

PL/22/2702/FA – Tinto 25 Wheelers Orchard Chalfont St Peter SL9 0HL – One and two storey side and rear extensions including three balconies

PL/22/2705/FA – 4 Hill View Village Lane Hedgerley SL2 3UZ – Resurfacing of 13m long section of path

PL/22/2715/FA – 16 Assheton Road Beaconsfield HP9 2NP – Demolition of existing detached house with attached garage, construction of new 5 bedroom detached house

PL/22/2718/FA – Wheatsheaf Cottage Village Road Coleshill HP7 0LR – Removal of rear bay window, extension of existing basement, rear single storey extension and covered veranda

PL/22/2706/AV – 14 Station Road Gerrards Cross SL9 8EL – Non-illuminated traffic sign and non-illuminated glass transom

PL/22/2716/FA – The Gully Hazlemere Road Penn HP10 8AD – House modifications including roof extension and conversion with rear dormer and front skylights

PL/22/2695/FA – 56 – 58 Sycamore Road Amersham HP6 5DR – Two bedroom self-contained residential apartment with ground floor home office space

PL/22/2692/FA – 28 Burkes Road Beaconsfield HP9 1PF ​​- Flat Roof Solar (PV) Panel Installation

PL/22/2701/FA – Hillside 8 Elms Road Chalfont St Peter SL9 9QT – Part Single Deck / Part Double Deck Side and Rear Extensions

PL/22/2691/FA – 2 Sandycroft Road Little Chalfont HP6 6QL – Single Deck Side and Rear Extension

PL/22/2688/FA – Maryfield House High Street Taplow SL6 0EX – Construction of a new six bay garage to the rear of the property, located on an additional section of land

PL/22/2697/FA – Wilton Park Gatehouse Gorell Road Beaconsfield – Conversion of existing building to one bed dwelling

PL/22/2677/FA – 17 Harcourt Road Dorney Reach SL6 0DT – Single Storey Rear Infill Extension, Garage Conversion and Front Porch

PL/22/2675/FA – Taplow House Hotel Berry Hill Taplow SL6 0DA – Removal of outbuildings, construction of outbuilding to hold two bedrooms (1 accessible), renovation of office building to one bedroom

PL/22/2649/FA – Hartley Cottage Elm Close Farnham Common SL2 3NA – Single storey rear extension and addition of 5 skylights to raised flat roof

PL/22/2644/FA – 12 Chestnut Avenue Chesham HP5 3NA – Single storey side extension

PL/22/2681/FA – Woodlands Kiln Road Prestwood HP16 9DG – Two single storey rear extensions, first floor side extension, front porch, changes to fenestration and materials, creation of new vehicular access on Over Hampden

PL/22/2637/FA – Land adjoining Love Hill Farm House Love Hill Lane Iver – Retention of existing 30m lattice tower, five 600mm satellite dishes and associated works (retrospective)

PL/22/2638/SA – 40 The Spinney Beaconsfield HP9 1SB – Certificate of Legality

PL/22/2629/FA – The Pheasant Village Road Ballinger HP16 9LF – Vehicular access and gate

PL/22/2592/FA – 63 Camp Road Gerrards Cross SL9 7PF – Reconfiguration and extension of existing accommodation

PL/22/2595/FA – Tudor Court Finch Lane Knotty Green HP9 2TL – Single Part, Two Storey Rear Extension Part, Porch Extension, Infill Extension

PL/22/2591/FA – 34 and 36 Cresswell Road Chesham HP5 1SX – Vehicular access between 2 properties and new driveway for No 34

PL/22/2583/FA – Lotos Lodge Beeches Drive Farnham Common SL2 3JU – Demolition of existing detached garage, conservatory and front bay

PL/22/2529/FA – Gayhurst School Bull Lane Chalfont St Peter SL9 8RJ – Demolition of existing hall, staff quarters and living house (Little Chantry), and construction of a theater auditorium and d arts center with associated teaching space, gym with changing rooms, independent staff accommodation, single storey extension to the front of the existing school building

PL/22/2454/FA – 139 Cherry Tree Road Beaconsfield HP9 1BD – Two Story Rear/Side Expansion

PL/22/2524/FA – 105 Maxwell Road Beaconsfield HP9 1RF – Erection of attached dwelling and one-storey rear extension to existing dwelling

PL/22/2479/CONDA – Hartfield Thorne Barton Chesham Road Ashley Green HP5 3PQ – Approval of Terms

PL/22/2370/FA – Mulberry Lodge 64A Wycombe Road Prestwood HP16 0PQ – Detached House and Garage, Garden Subdivision

PL/22/2301/FA – 5A Pennylets Green Stoke Poges SL2 4BU – Construction of outbuilding accessory to property

PL/22/2396/PAHAS – 5 Grange Fields Chalfont St Peter SL9 9AG – Notice under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, Part 1 of Schedule 2 Class AA for an additional storey to a house existing home

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