What is Tech? Which travel website can help you save the most? | What is Technology?

If you’ve ever compared vacation prices on a travel website, you might have noticed that the prices are very close. In most cases, the prices are the same no matter where you search.

A hotel in Cabo, every site I check, the price is less than a dollar or two. Most are identical. It is not a coincidence.

The most popular travel booking sites belong to the same company. Expedia owns Travelocity, hotwire, Orbitz, Trivago, Hotels.com, VRBO and others. They are not competitors, they are the same company. You may come across a great deal that bundles rooms with airfare, but more likely the deals are pretty much the same.

Looking for reviews? TripAdvisor is full of information and opinions. It’s also owned by Expedia, and it’s also filled with fake reviews.

Searching for hotels in San Francisco, one hotel received 64 reviews, but enough stars for it to be #7 on the “Best Value” list. I copied and pasted the TripAdvisor listing from the Fakespot.com website, which analyzed all 64 reviews, looking for common keywords and reviews written by the same people. Fakespot has discovered that around 30% of TripAdvisor reviews for this hotel are likely fake.

Discover Google Travel, armed with the largest search engine in the world. He scours the internet for prices, reviews, recommendations and articles about the destination published on independent websites and news sites.

Travel websites are great for window shopping, but before you book, contact the hotel or resort directly. Since they pay a commission to travel sites, they can offer you a deal, offer extras like free internet or a free meal, and they’re more willing to make special requests than if you book through a site. of travel.

Do your homework, so the only way to get burned is if you don’t use enough sunscreen.

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