Two Harbors mayor in hot water for peddling $400m underwater hotel plan

The Mayor of Two Harbors is under the microscope for public comments he made on capital projects in the scenic North Shore town – including a $400 million underwater hotel in Lake Superior that will has the backing of an alleged billionaire podcast host who refuses to use his real name.

City Council called a special meeting for Thursday afternoon specifically to discuss whether some of Mayor Chris Swanson’s digital efforts violate city code, charter, or policy. At issue are three specific communication elements:

  • Tweets from the Mayor’s account @MayorSwanson
  • The unfinished website, which highlights the mayor as a contact for investors interested in a 15-year plan to “rightfully put Two Harbors back on the map.”
  • Swanson’s appearance on the August 29 episode of ask a billionaire podcast, during which he spoke at length with the ‘reclusive billionaire’ – who goes only by Mr O – about a $400 million underwater hotel project

The council ultimately voted to forward the matter to the Minnesota Attorney General, requesting a written opinion on the matter. A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office told Bring Me The News that it had not received a formal request for an opinion from Two Harbors as of Friday afternoon.

Swanson’s Twitter feed is filled with references to blockchain, decentralized autonomous organizations, CityCoins and web3. But he also often celebrates the benefits that Two Harbors has to offer, as well as small victories.

Its lofty ambitions are clear on the Vibrant Two Harbors website, which outlines a 15-year plan to “rightfully put Two Harbors back on the map in a new light and lead to years and years of prosperity for its community.”

The site, however, is unfinished, offering no detail and in some places including filler text:

The ‘Who We Are’ page says they are a team of “entrepreneurs, visionaries, billionaires and driven individuals who believe in making the city of Two Harbors Minnesota the next major tourist destination” of the state. Swanson and Mr O – who has no public record of completing any project and claims, without proof, to be a billionaire – are the only people listed.

In the podcast description for Swanson’s appearance in “Ask A Billionaire” the mayor is described as an MO customer The two spend about 50 minutes discussing “the mayor’s project being developed with the help of ENIGMA Mastery Group on the shore of Lake Superior. This project is a sub- sailor which when completed along with the other ancillary projects around the city will represent an investment of over $400 million.The mayor, who is already a successful entrepreneur himself, shares some of the knowledge he has gained so far. now in this preliminary process of working with MO”

The Duluth News Tribune got their hands on the ‘billionaire’ which offered few answers to the newspaper’s questions. The mayor also declined to offer many details to the News Tribune. and CBS 3.

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