Tribe’s ‘Bad Man’ Clause Could Ban Mission School Principal From Crow Reservation | State and Region

Rashkow had girls from the St. Charles team removed from class and loaded onto a school bus for a trip to Roberts to apologize one by one to members of Roberts’ team.

Some parents and guardians of the St. Charles team members viewed the forced apologies as a public disgrace and were upset that the girls were kicked off the reservation without their knowledge.

Even Ator, Roberts’ superintendent, thought Rashkow’s answer was over the top.

“In terms of the decision to put the students on the bus and bring them to Roberts, I found that very uncomfortable, and that wouldn’t be the administrative approach that I would have taken,” Ator said.

Rashkow declined to comment, citing school district policy.

The purpose of Thursday’s meeting with tribal, school and civil rights leaders was to “raise the voices of affected community members and hear about their experiences,” said Indigenous justice organizer Angeline Cheek. at the ACLU Montana in Missoula.

Cheek heard about the basketball team incident from members of the Crow community and continues to monitor the situation.

Along with the apology trip, Rashkow also had two St. Charles Mission players suspended and ejected 13-year-old Lovae Bull Chief from the team. It was Lovae who knocked down Roberts’ player, an incident Lovae calls an accident.

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