the hotel in Prague visited by Mick Jagger, Jimmy Choo and many others

Hotels should never be an afterthought when it comes to planning your vacation. Just as you methodically plan your outfits, restaurants and cultural activities, your accommodation should be an integral part of your vacation narrative, because every memorable night will begin and end within these four walls.

This philosophy is at the heart of The Luxury Collection, which offers a gateway to the world’s most exciting and desirable destinations. From legendary palaces and secluded retreats to timeless modern classics, The Luxury Collection showcases the world’s most prestigious properties. Each hotel and resort is a unique representation of its surroundings and a fusion of impeccable luxury service and authentic experiences.

For us, this is where traveling gets really exciting. The best hotels are woven into the fabric of a city and have stories to tell, whether because of their location, architecture or history.


How about traveling to 1284, at the time of the only Augustinian monks in Prague? Now you can – just book a stay at Augustine, a Luxury Collection hotel in Prague. Located in the heart of the city’s small town, this hotel is right below Prague Castle and a short walk from Charles Bridge.

“Guests have included the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Choo and Jared Leto”

The Augustine is a glimpse into the exalted world of old Prague, nestled within the walls of a very unique former cloister. Expect a backdrop of modern comfort and superior service. The guest list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood, fashion and music, with VIP visitors like the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Orlando Bloom and Jared Leto, to name a few. -ones.

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Built as an Augustinian monastery in 1284, the hotel (opened in 2009) is made up of seven buildings. These buildings surround a beautiful courtyard which has been lovingly restored to keep the ethereal and sacred atmosphere faithfully intact. The hotel is directly connected to the Baroque St. Thomas Church, where the monks offer special tours of the 13th-century monastery and library, which you can enjoy without even leaving the hotel.

“It’s wonderfully unique that we are part of the still active monastery,” says hotel concierge Michal Pilat. “An annual tradition at the hotel is the lighting of the Christmas tree, where our guests have the unique opportunity to meet the monks in person.” The hotel also has private access to the monastery through the Garden of Eden and its arcades. “On Tuesdays or Thursdays, we offer a private visit guided by a monk of the monastery, the church and the historic library. It is a unique opportunity. learn the intricacies of monastic life.”


At the hotel, you can also visit the St. Thomas Brewery, another unique part of Augustine’s history which was founded in 1358 as the brewery of the Augustinian monastery. In the 19th century, the brewery was a meeting point for many famous Czech artists and writers. “According to the legends of Prague, the Saint-Thomas brewery was the only one where good beer was served”, explains Pilat. Today the brewery is a Renaissance building with Baroque renovations and modern adaptations. century and an authentic underground water source, which has been glazed and incorporated into the design.

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Garry Kan

The hotel’s designer, Olga Polizzi, has placed local culture at the heart of her design. She focused on locally sourced wood, glass and ironwork. All the furniture was made in Prague, and works by Czech artists adorn the walls, while books by Czech authors and poets rest on bedside tables. Key historical features such as cloistered terraces, wooden ceilings, wine cellars and stone arches have also been incorporated into the design.

In keeping with the hotel’s rock ‘n’ roll connection is the ornate ‘Refectory Bar’, a former Augustinian dining room that boasts an impressive double-vaulted ceiling and carefully restored Baroque frescoes. To give it a modern twist, behind the bar is the face of Blondie’s Debbie Harry delivering her cool, nonchalant look.

In the rooms and suites you will find original features such as vaulted ceilings, frescoes and wooden beams, as well as Czech cubist furniture and a “papal-inspired” color palette of reds, purples and greens. Choose from views of Prague Castle, the inner courtyard, or landscaped gardens. For something really special, the Tower Suite has been adapted from an old astronomical tower and is built over three floors, with stunning 360 degree views of Prague. The Fresco Suite, on the other hand, is adorned with 18th century wall frescoes protected by UNESCO. Far from the ordinary, in other words.

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