Technical SEO on hotel website: one of the main revenue drivers



It is truly mind boggling that after more than 23 years of historical SEO data and solid SEO best practices, technical SEO is one of the least understood and much ignored digital technology and marketing disciplines in the hospitality industry.

Over 30% of hotel website revenue is a direct result of SEO, and technical SEO plays a major role in influencing Google and other search engines to rank your hotel website higher in the pages. search engine results (SERP), which results in a qualified website. visitors and reservations.

Good technical SEO on the hotel website sends Google several “signals” used by the Google Hummingbird search algorithm to determine how to rank your website pages in response to various searches and directly affects the PageRank score of the web page. For example, if a web page is found to be suitable for mobile, this is a signal recorded by the Googlebot and used to determine the ranking of the page.

Google has frequently stated that it uses over 200 major ranking “signals” with several thousand sub-signals and variations. The following three categories are well under the control of hoteliers, and if the hotel’s website is optimized to communicate these signals to search engines, it will achieve higher rankings in the SERPs and reward the property with significant organic revenue.

  • Content: unique, highly relevant and engaging website content that is professionally written, informative, useful and quality worthy of a travel guide.
  • Connections: links to the hotel website from high authority unpaid websites such as CVBs, online magazines and newspapers, blogs, social media, etc.
  • Technical referencing: an ecosystem of technologies, configurations and processes implemented on the website and server designed to optimize the hotel website and enable search engine robots to access, explore, interpret and to index your website, which ultimately results in increased search traffic and income.


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