S’porean actress apologizes to fans who booked hotel stays through third-party agent after shouting


Nurul Aini apologizes after third-party agent disappears behind alleged hotel reservation scam

Recently, news of an alleged hotel reservation scam has been around the internet.

S’pore woman allegedly led hotel reservation scam, victims rally to raise awareness

While many victims lost their booking fees in the process, some accounts also mention that the alleged scammer has made some transactions on previous occasions.

One such case is that of Nurul Aini, a Singaporean actress who promoted the company on her Instagram page earlier in July.


Thursday (December 16), Ms. Aini took Instagram apologize to anyone who followed in his footsteps by booking a hotel thanks to his recommendation.

Nurul Aini showed her conversations with a hotel reservation scammer

On Thursday (December 17), Ms Aini shared screenshots of her text conversations with the suspected con artist after receiving criticism from the public.

In the screenshot, Ms Aini can be seen conversing with the scammer on Instagram, asking for the availability of a villa at the Capella Hotel.


Their conversation then continued on WhatsApp where the scammer provided Ms Aini with a screenshot confirming the hotel reservation.


Ms Aini was apparently able to check in without a problem in July. She then shared her experience at the villa on Instagram.

At this point, the scammer pointed out that she wasn’t tagged in any of the stories and Ms Aini started yelling at her in the following Instagram story.


Apologizes for accidental promotion

Accompanying the photos, Ms Aini wrote a caption apologizing to her followers for promoting the alleged scam.

However, she remains adamant that at the time of her transaction, the deal was “legitimate” and everything went accordingly.

She ends the message by promising to be more vigilant in the face of such online scams.

Some offers may sound too good to be true

When a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

In any case, we are happy that Ms Aini clarified the situation and shared the context in which she shared the “deal”.

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