Russian hotels disappeared from IHG website (still available on app)

Russia’s war (“special operation”) with Ukraine has now been going on for three months, and eventually IHG removed the country’s hotels from its website, but they are still available on the app.

IHG had a hard time calling the war a war (read more here) but pulled itself together (read more here) a month later.

You can access IHG here.

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IHG has now removed all of its Russian hotels from the website, but they can still be booked (or at least viewed) on the app.


The website only returns a Crowne Plaza slated to open in August, but there are sixteen options to choose from on the app.




Nothing shows up on the website, but seven hotels on the app.




Despite their promises, the exit from Russia of hospitality companies (hotels) has been difficult.

I guess they hoped that this war would be over now and they could quietly continue to develop their business in Russia and its satellites.

But it is better than ever to end partnerships with these hotels. It’s probably an easy decision because there wouldn’t have been any money from those hotels to sweeten the company’s bottom line.

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