Relaunch of website promoting Richmond

Left to right, Fiona Hall, from the Green Howards Museum, David Hannah, English Heritage Cluster Manager, Clare Owen, Managing Director of the Georgian Theater Royal, Terry Rawson, volunteer at the Richmondshire Museum, and Chris Brown, Station Manager.

A popular website promoting Richmond has been relaunched for the benefit of locals and visitors.

A team from the city’s tourist attractions worked together to revamp and refresh the site, which has long been a source of information about the city.

Fiona Hall, communications and commerce manager at the Green Howards Museum, said: “The strength and reach of the domain cannot be underestimated. It’s an incredibly powerful informational and promotional tool, and we’re very excited to take it forward.

“The site was an excellent resource for many years, but like all websites, it needed periodic updating.

“Local web designer Andy Russell had been running the site for many years, but wanted to hand over responsibility.

“He transferred ownership to us so that we could run the website on a partnership basis for the benefit of the entire city.” includes information including the logistics of parking and finding your way, downloadable maps and walking trails, an events section, as well as brief information on the city’s history, landmarks and attractions, its customs and traditions.

It is designed to interest visitors as well as locals.

“We felt it was really important to cover as much of the great things about the city as possible in a nice, polished format so you can choose the information, depending on what you need or want. at one point.

“Much of the content already existed on the site, but we reviewed the most logical way to present it, then edited and refreshed it.

“We have also created a ‘living’ section; updated community group listings from previous website.

“One of the biggest areas is the activities section so you can always find something to do whether you are visiting Richmond or are lucky enough to live here.”

The work was carried out on behalf of Welcome to Richmond; the Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association’s attractions sub-group.

The website redesign is the latest initiative from the group, which works together on joint projects, such as the Town Ticket, the locals’ Love being Local day and the town map leaflet.

Group members contribute to an annual budget, which has been used, with funding from the Richmondshire District Council’s Community Investment Fund, to make improvements to the site.

If you’re hosting an event in Richmond, you can use the online form in the What’s New section to request a spot on the rosters.

Hosting providers that appeared on the site before the update are being contacted so that they can update their information; the directory of places to stay will be published in due course.

Community organizations that would like to be featured, but do not currently have a list, can request one by emailing [email protected]

Visit the website at

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