Pokemon Mania in Japan continues with an adorable Slowpoke ferry, hotel rooms and buses


Japan definitely loves Pokemon, and Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku has a unique affinity with Slowpoke.

The Pokemon company and the prefectural government have had an agreement to promote local tourism since 2018, and the “Yadon Paradise Kagawa” special project was just announced today with a press release. If you’re wondering, “Yadon” is the Japanese name for Slowpoke.

The initiative includes a ferry with many Slowpoke-themed decorations carrying passengers between Takamatsu and Tonosho, three different Slowpoke buses from Takamatsu Airport, and even hotel rooms.

If you stay at Hotel Takamatsu Tokyu Reithe Kotohira Onsen Kotosankakuthe Marugame Plaza Hotelor the Shodoshima International Hotel, from today you can reserve the Slowpoke room, to sleep comfortably with the sleepiest Pokémon. You’ll even receive a special towel to take home as a souvenir.

In addition to this, at Takamatsu Airport, you can take a photo with Slowpoke and Alolan Slowpoke thanks to a cut-out panel on the first floor of the arrival hall.

Finally, a special version of the 2014 song Donaiyanen Yadon performed by Hiro has been released and you can check it out below, with beautiful views of Kagawa Prefecture and the Slowpoke attractions it offers.

You can also take a look at the attractions mentioned above in an extensive gallery.

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