PA Approves Marsaxlokk Hunters Tower Hotel Application



A development planning application for the construction of a 115-room hotel at the Hunters Tower restaurant in Marsaxlokk was approved by the planning authority’s board today.

The case category on the AP website lists the app as being outside the development area.

The proposal reads: “The proposed development consists of a 115-room hotel, facilities and a semi-basement parking / service level in accordance with the brief guidelines set out in the public consultation project“ Development and environment of Marsaxlokk Inner Harbor Area â€2014.†The Applicant is Jon Jon Dalli, on behalf of D&B Catering Ltd.

The site in question is the Hunters Tower Restaurant, located in Triq il-Wilga, Marsaxlokk, which is outside the limits of the development, the report of the officer in charge of the case said. The site covers 4,163 m² and consists of a two story building located towards the northwest corner of the site and the rest of the site consists of a mixture of soft and hard landscaping. “The existing building is within the boundaries of the Urban Conservation Area; however, it has no architectural or historical value,†the responsible officer report said. The site is part of an ecologically significant area of level 3 in the context of ‘Il-Maghluq’. “

“According to the environment and development file of the inner port area of ​​Marsaxlokk, the site is reserved for tourist use, the eastern limits of the site being designated as an open space / garden / no development aimed at creating an area buffer between the site and the swamp to the east of the site â€, notes the report of the person responsible for the file.

Following the approval of the dossier on the environment and development of the inner port area of ​​Marsaxlokk, the site in question has been designated for tourism-related uses, the officer in charge of the dossier reads. The proposal involves the demolition of the existing restaurant and adjoining open area, and its replacement with a three-story hotel, with a recessed floor and an underlying basement, reaching an overall metric height of 14.75m .


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