Ozzy Osbourne was kicked out of the hotel in Portland, Maine in the 80s

Portland, Maine is full of historic buildings that still shed light on the city’s rich history. The Westin Portland Harborview hotel building, which opened in 1927, still bears the infamous “EASTLAND” sign from the hotel’s first name, “The Eastland.”

Eastland Hotel in Portland, Maine

Part of Portland’s rich history is our celebrity appearances, which we had a lot more of back then. (I’ll never get over how jealous I am of my colleagues who worked in radio in the 80s. Never.)

When the Westin Harborview was The Eastland, many famous people walked through those doors. With the exception of former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt who, as Press Herald shareswas turned away in 1946 because she wanted her dog to be with her in her bedroom.

While dogs are now welcome in the hotel, what used to be the rooftop pool is now permanently closed and gone. The same Press Herald article tells an iconic story involving Ozzy Osbourne, The Eastland Hotel and their rooftop pool.

Ozzy Osbourne in Portland, Maine

The Prince of Darkness got a little too rowdy at one of his rooftop pool parties at the hotel, leading to him throwing the rooftop pool furniture and descending onto the High Street. Because why not? If you’re Ozzy Osbourne, you can do whatever you want.

Well, not quite. Ozzy was escorted by the police out of town and as the article shares, the pool was closed because everyone wants to be a rock star and guests started throwing furniture from the roof, just like their idol .

Ozzy Osbourne throws hotel furniture

It’s not the first time and it might not even be the last time that Ozzy has thrown furniture from a hotel window or roof. Just two years ago, in March 2020, the ex-Black Sabbath singer pushed a 50-inch TV through a ninth-floor window of a Four Seasons in Prague and, according to the star herself, it “landed on the ground and f***** exploded. It went like a bomb. »

These little moments are extremely sweet compared to Other Osbourne waterfallsfrom peeing on cop cars to throwing meat at his fans and, of course, the infamous bat bite.

I’m honored that Portland made it the setting for one of its many stories, but I’m pretty disappointed that we lost a rooftop pool. But, looks like he went out with a bang.

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