Mum furious as son’s passport application canceled two weeks before family vacation

Lucy Thompson started the application in March after realizing her son’s passport had expired and a family vacation beckoned 12 relatives in less than two weeks.

Lucy Thompson claims teen’s application was ‘withdrawn’ as she went on a fast-track date

A mum says her 13-year-old son had his passport application ‘cancelled’ just two weeks before a family holiday.

Lucy Thompson claims he was ‘removed’ as she went on a rush date, YorkshireLive reports.

She described feeling “inconvenienced” by Passport Office staff after many hours of trying to resolve the issue.

Lucy from Bradford, Yorkshire, started the application in March after realizing her son’s passport had expired as the family were planning a big holiday.

Her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and it was supposed to be a special time to spend time together.

She began calling and emailing the Passport Office to pursue the online application in early May.

Passports suffered delays that disrupted travelers’ plans


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Lucy said: “I was told something different each time. My emails and complaints were never answered, I called over 50 times.

“He’s my son, I don’t want him to miss this. I don’t.”

She eventually managed to get an expedited appointment at the passport office in London.

Lucy added: “I’m overwhelmed, have mobility issues and am listed as disabled, struggle with long journeys and walking but will do anything for my son.

“I tried to call the London office before making the trip to make sure it wouldn’t be a waste of time, I called every day and emailed before booking hotels but I did not hear anything.

“I went down to London last night by train and stayed at a hotel for my appointment at 7.45 this morning [May 20] for them to tell me that my expedited request has been withdrawn.

“I said, ‘I’m from Yorkshire’ and they just said, ‘It’s not that far’. I have trouble walking, I walk with a stick. I have trouble today today is a lot for me.”

Lucy Thompson claims application was ‘withdrawn’ as she went on expedited date


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Lucy claims the London office has now told her that the Liverpool office is handling the request.

She says she asked for the request to be transferred to London, where she is, only to be told it was not possible.

Lucy is devastated that no one told her that her application status had changed. She has already paid for the expedited passport and does not know if she will get the money back.

Lucy said, “What am I supposed to do? I’m desperate. The information desk said they wouldn’t process my application until 72 hours before our flight. I just cried for hours, I feel pathetic.

“I haven’t told my family about it because I don’t want them to be stressed and I don’t want my son to be stressed.

Lucy, who contacted her local MP for help, added: “I just feel helpless and desperate. I have messaged someone to help me, I can’t afford to stay anymore. to London and I can’t afford another train – I couldn’t really afford it.

“I’ll be out of action for a few days because of the amount of walking I’ve had to do here too.

“This is a government run facility where you have to go through security scanners to get to your appointment where I was made to feel like an inconvenience when they are supposed to help. is disgusting.

“I know people are in the same situation but they provide a service, take people’s money but don’t help. I feel lost.”

HM Passport Office has been contacted for comment.

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