Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett marries Jaymes Vaughan

When it came to planning their special day, Bennett and Vaughan agreed that it was important for it to be an inclusive celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

“During this process, we realized that our marriage wasn’t just about us,” Bennett said. “It’s about the whole community.”

As a result, the couple encouraged their guests to express themselves through their fashion choices at the event. “You don’t have to do dresses and tuxedos,” Bennett pointed out. “Anyone who wants to wear a tuxedo, wear a tuxedo, go for it.”

The couple asked attendees to wear white in remembrance of Bennett’s mother, who died in 2012, and incorporated white roses, her favorites, into the flower arrangements.

In April 2021, Bennett and Vaughan said The knot that they decided to have their wedding “about the LGBTQ+ community” after being denied their dream wedding venue by the hotel owner because of their sexuality.

“The landlord said he couldn’t marry us because we’re two men and it’s against his morals,” Bennett said at the time. “It was a gust in the gut. We decided at that point that our marriage was bigger than us. It’s our marriage, but it’s not just about us. It’s is from the LGBTQ+ community. We really want to make this wedding extra loud on purpose.”

During their ceremony, the newlyweds shared that they hoped to pave the way for other couples as well.

“I want to make sure that through this whole process of our love and our marriage, and building our family, we are trailblazers for the LGBTQ+ community,” Bennett added. “I want everyone to realize that they are never too much, and they are always enough. This is my mission in life. You are never too much. And you are always enough. You are just you , that’s enough.”

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