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Indo Cops Investigate Drug Dealing Housewives

Published on: Friday July 15th, 2022

By: Antara News

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Three housewives arrested by police officers for a drug-related crime at West Jakarta Police Office.

Jakarta: West Jakarta Police have launched an investigation into the possible emergence of drug trafficking syndicates that include housewives following the arrest of three housewives who allegedly belonged to international drug syndicates . Police arrested the three women for their alleged involvement in a drug-related crime. . They were identified by their initials as Y (52), I (45) and N (46). Y and I would have served as drug couriers, while N was a drug dealer. “It is possible that the syndicate exists, and it is possible that other suspects are involved (in the syndicate),” said the head of the West Jakarta police drug investigation unit, the commissioner Deputy Principal Akmal, at West Jakarta Police Office on Thursday.

Housewives can prove themselves to be reliable drug dealers, as their presence would not arouse police suspicion, he explained. Housewives facing economic hardship are likely to traffic drugs due to the high income offered by unions, he noted while pointing out that suspects Y and I faced similar conditions. “They are economically weak, and the unions use the weak economic conditions (of housewives) to recruit them by offering them high incomes,” Akmal said. He confirmed that the three arrested housewives did not use drugs themselves.


Meanwhile, West Jakarta Police Chief Chief Commissioner Pasma Royce informed that the operation to arrest the housewives had started after police received a tip about a 9.54 kilogram package containing crystal meth from Malaysia arriving in Pekanbaru, Riau. Suspect N allegedly ordered I and Y to leave for Pekanbaru to collect the drug package and return to Jakarta, he said, adding that the suspects boarded an interprovincial bus for the trip. West Jakarta police officers then arrested the three suspects at a hotel in Tanah Abang, central Jakarta on July 6, 2022, he said. The police operation to arrest another suspect, identified as A, who allegedly handed the package of drugs to N, and the investigation into drug distribution rings in Jakarta are still ongoing, Royce added.


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