Eden District Council receives bid for luxury hotel near Penrith

PLANS have been submitted for a luxury hotel, spa and cooking school near Penrith.

The application was submitted to Eden District Council on Thursday, March 10.

If approved, Crossrigg Hall in Cliburn, Penrith will see the former Grade II listed hall become a luxury hotel, spa and 15 pavilions with guest parking areas.

According to planning documents, as part of the new luxury resort, plans are in place for a reception venue, a cooking school and a new walled vegetable garden and chapel.

The development application is described as follows: “Redevelopment and change of use of Crossrigg Hall to form a luxury hotel, spa, restaurant and reception venue, including conversion of the existing Grade-II listed hall into a hotel, the conversion of the existing Grade-Ecurie II listed hall into a spa and rooms, construction of a new cooking school and a central building including rooms, construction of a new chapel, construction of 15 pavilions on the site as well as new parking areas, modifications to existing entrances, new walled vegetable gardens and associated development, sanitation and servicing works.”

The plans are currently in the hands of Eden District Council. The public comment period will continue until April 16.

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