Did Hunter Biden lie on his application to buy a gun in 2018?

Since 2018, the federal government has been investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings and whether he correctly reported all of his income.

According to a Washington Post report, federal agents now believe they have evidence to charge the president’s son with lying about his taxes and about an application he filled out to buy a gun from a Delaware gun store in 2018.

A question on the application asks if the applicant uses or is addicted to drugs. The box is checked “no”. Hunter Biden has previously spoken in the media about his struggle with crack addiction.

Video discovered on Hunter’s laptop shows him naked and brandishing a handgun in a hotel room in 2018, allegedly five days after purchasing the .38 caliber, according to the New York Post.

Authorities began investigating after the gun was allegedly thrown in a trash can by Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, Hallie Biden, the widow of his last brother.

“The fucking FBI Hallie?” Hunter texted Hallie on October 23, 2018.

Hallie replied, “I’m afraid you’re using it.”

“You have now made me a target Hallie,” Hunter replied via text message.

A reporter asked the White House press secretary about the allegations on Friday aboard Air Force One.

“Is the president concerned about these leaks, still standing by his comments that Hunter did nothing wrong?” asked the reporter.

“As you know, this is an ongoing investigation independently managed by the Department of Justice, so I refer you to the Department of Justice,” the press officer replied.

Hunter Biden’s attorney did not respond to Inside Edition’s calls for comment. The attorney general has previously said there will be no interference in the investigation, which remains in the hands of the Trump-appointed U.S. attorney in Delaware.

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