Commey shares points with Pedraza

Richard Oblitey Commey (left) and Jose Pedraza thwart each other in their epic fight in the United States last Saturday

At the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA last Saturday, Ghanaian Richard Oblitey Commey battled to a draw against former IBF Super Featherweight and WBO Lightweight world champion Jose “Sniper” Pedraza, in a 10- round super lightweight match.

It was the main event of the promoted Top Ranked bout which saw the Ghanaian fight in the welterweight division for the first time since a disastrous loss to Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko in the United States in December of the year. last.

In round one, Commey dominated most of the first two minutes with an effective shot, pushing forward against Pedraza who finished better in the last minute of the round. In round two, Commey came out shooting, injuring Pedraza a minute into the round with chin rights. Pedraza resorted to going southpaw in an attempt to slow down Commey’s offensive attack.

In round three, Pedraza came off the ropes, getting the better of the two. Seconds later, it’s Commey who lands right on the chin and catches Pedraza’s eye. In the final minute, Commey drew blood from Pedraza’s nose and caused swelling under his left eye. In round four, Commey continued to dominate the fight, having Pedraza on defense and still fighting in southpaw mode.

In round five, Commey followed up by landing shots to the body of Pedraza that set him back, with little offense in return.
With both fighters coming off losses, it seems Commey was determined to win the fight. In round six, a clash of heads caused a cut to Commey’s left eye although the ringside commission claimed he was cut before the clash of heads after viewing the round. This seemed to spur Pedraza on as Commey continued to wipe away the blood to keep it from entering his eye.

In the seventh round, Pedraza completed his best trick with rights to the body of Commey who still looked hesitant due to the cut. In the eighth round, Pedraza continued to go to the body, supporting Commey.

In the ninth round midway, Pedraza hurt Commey with a flurry of punches, especially left uppercuts to Commey’s body. At the end of the round, Commey looked exhausted. In the tenth and final round, Pedraza continued to land punches on Commey’s body until the final thirty seconds, when Commey landed on Pedraza’s chin. The referee was Gerald Ritter.

The scores were 97-93 Pedraza, 96-94 Commey and 95-95 a draw.

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