Cliff House Hotel submits planning request to change apartments

OWNERS of a popular hotel say they have been forced to apply to turn their business into apartments due to an ongoing row with council.

The Cliff House Hotel in Southbourne has submitted a planning application to convert the existing hotel into residential apartments without demolishing the building.

Owner Richard Norris said the application was submitted because of continuing issues with a small number of residents and the council which made the business “more financially viable”.

Mr Norris said: ‘We had an ongoing battle with two or three residents for about three and a half years. And they have now managed to get a reduction order against the hotel for noise nuisance, which I knew was going to be the result at some point.

“For us, being in such a residential area and the council putting these restrictions on us with our garden and the hotel, it makes it difficult for us to trade. So we had to look at other avenues before going bankrupt.

“We did everything we could to try and improve the hotel when we were in lockdown, redesigning the garden and bar and knocking down the walls. Unfortunately we did this to be able to have bigger parties and bigger weddings, events like that.

“But now I’m getting to the stage where I’m looking for another place to move my staff and move my business somewhere else.

“It’s with a heavy heart because I love the place and we’ve been very busy with parties and weddings. Unfortunately, it was the council that put a massive stop to this.

“It’s all got me completely depressed and I don’t like working anymore because I’m just anxious about the next thing that’s going to hit me.

“We have continued to hold weddings and reservations through 2023 and we want to honor everyone’s reservation, but we are about to exit our three-year contract with, with gas and electricity and they tell me the hikes of everything.

“One thing to consider is it actually viable, during the winter when you don’t have the tourists to keep the doors open and with gas and electricity prices as high as they are. But we will do our best to try to keep it open as long as possible. »

Richard Norris started a petition to gain community support. The petition currently has over 1,500 signatures.

Mr Norris said: ‘We have created this petition to have a voice within the local community and we would really appreciate if you could get involved and support the hotel with your comments and signatures.’

A BCP Council spokesperson said: ‘We have received noise complaints relating to the Cliff House Hotel in Southbourne.

“We can confirm that an investigation is ongoing, so we are unable to comment further on this matter.

“The Council’s Environmental Protection team are working closely with the licensing team and partners such as Dorset Police to respond to reports of noise complaints in the BCP area.

“We are taking the necessary measures either by engaging with the owners of premises or by applying the law on environmental protection, where necessary.

“Police colleagues often follow up on these visits to ensure the message is understood and to help prevent repeat nuisance which can lead to prosecution, fines and criminal records.”

To view the petition, visit:

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