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A big part of dining on the Las Vegas Strip is the dining room itself. Your surroundings can have a huge effect on the overall experience, and this is absolutely the case at NoMad Library. The name says it all: it’s a large four-walled room, populated by books that have been collected from a wide variety of sources (including the David & Peggy Rockefeller auction). All the books have been arranged by color (red on one side, blue on the other) for a pleasant visual contrast, and all can be taken down from the shelves for reading pleasure.

The seating arrangement itself adds to the relaxed feel of this space. The red leather banquettes are extremely comfortable and the soft lighting of the chandeliers only enhances the atmosphere. Add exceptional service and you’ll have an experience you’ll recommend to all your family and friends.

And we haven’t even discovered the menu yet! Be sure to start your evening with one of the signature cocktails, from Runyon Canyon (a tiki delight made with Elyx vodka, vermouth di Torino, amontillado sherry, cranberries and lime) to the Gentlemen’s Exchange (a Manhattan variation with rye, Suze, Foro Amaro, Di Torino vermouth, coffee, absinthe and Angostura bitters).

The menu is full of tempting choices, but we highly recommend the NoMad roast chicken, so succulent and tasty, stuffed with foie gras, black truffle and brioche. Pair it with sides such as honeyed squash, served with lemon sage ricotta, and Ridiculous macaroni and cheese, topped with lobster and black truffles.

If you’re in the mood for seafood, few restaurants do branzino better. This version is served with grilled whole baby leeks, tomatillos and poblano peppers. Meat lovers will definitely want to try the American wagyu prime rib for two, rubbed with porcini mushrooms and black garlic and served with horseradish cream, bordelaise sauce and aligot potatoes.

NoMad Las Vegas, 702.730.7000

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