Are you looking for free hotel services? Here’s how to get them

In general, hotels are expensive. Even if one is staying in a small town or little-known resort during the off-season, people will find it nearly impossible to get their money’s worth. That’s why it’s essential to make the most of a hotel stay and take advantage of the various free upgrades and free amenities that come with booking a hotel room. Additionally, hotel managers and staff themselves want their guests to have an unforgettable experience while staying with them. That’s why there’s a mutual interest in trying the free treats and amenities offered by the hotel. The guest will enjoy many amazing benefits and return again and again to the place where they had the most unique experience. This will also satisfy hotel owners and managers. Here are the most proven ways to get free hotel amenities.

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Here’s how to enjoy a free hotel happy hour

Several high-end hotels offer their guests free alcoholic beverages at night. Each hotel has its own policy and various beverages that they would like to offer to their guests. For example, most St. Regis hotels have a habit of popping a bottle of champagne in their lobby bars every night. Guests who attend the ritual are offered a free glass of the tasty signature drink. On the other hand, many Ritz-Carlton hotels offer free locally-influenced cocktails in their lobbies. Additionally, guests of Kimpton hotels can enjoy a nightly wine tour, where they can enjoy complimentary beer and wine beverages.

  • How to get it: Hotel guests can enjoy a free happy hour with free alcoholic beverages by asking their hotel concierge staff for the free drinks offered at the property.

Another free perk you can get while staying at a hotel is hitchhiking at restaurants, museums, or other attractions around where the hotel guest is staying. This equipment is mainly available in luxury hotels, such as the St. Regis in New York, which takes its guests on free rides in stylish Bentleys. Additionally, 1 hotels in New York and Miami are taking their guests on free rides at Teslas. Some hotels instead offer free bicycles to their guests during their stay.

  • How to get it: To qualify for a free ride when staying at a hotel, individuals should ensure that they take advantage of the service as soon as possible. This is because equipment is generally available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here’s What To Know About Packing Toiletries When Staying At A Hotel

While a hotel bathroom is usually stocked with soap, shampoo and other standard toiletries, people should also be aware that other additional products are available upon request, especially in high-end hotels. range. This is why hotel guests should not bring too many toiletries as they will have the option of requesting some from the hotel free of charge. For example, one can request a free dental kit, including dental floss, toothbrush and mouthwash. They can also request a nail kit with nail clippers, deodorant and hypoallergenic skin products. In most luxury hotels, people can also get free sunscreen. This mainly applies to resorts with swimming pools and beach access.

  • Point: When visiting a hotel spa, people can request free samples of expensive, high-end skincare lines that the hotel carries. Additionally, many retail sections inside hotels have a makeup area where people can try on free samples of cosmetics.
  • How to get it: People who want toiletries in their hotel can request additional products from the housekeeping staff.

Another free amenity that people can avail of when staying at a hotel is going to the on-site gym. This may prove better than booking an expensive workout at a local exercise studio. For example, most hotel gyms offer enticing lineups of classes. In recent years, hotels have understood the importance of fitness in the lives of their guests. This is why they have invested a lot of money in developing their gyms and recruiting the best yoga, Pilates and other fitness instructors. Additionally, many hotel gyms offer free juice, bottled water, fruit, and trail mixes.

  • How to get it: People staying at a hotel can visit the hotel’s gym and enjoy a fantastic workout.

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Other free services to enjoy when staying at a hotel

Some hotels offer endless free amenities to their guests. For example, people can take advantage of the availability of free international power adapters, phone chargers, and other electronics. Some hotels offer free long distance phone calls to their customers. They can find out about the availability of this service in their room guide or ask the concierge.

Other free equipment includes umbrellas, musical instruments and clothing. Needless to say, many hotels offer free room upgrades, early check-ins and late check-outs. All of these services can be secured by asking room service, front desk staff, concierge, or housekeeping for their availability or by checking the property’s official media.

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