AEDC Reintroduces MAP Program, Customer Sales Website

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has revamped its electricity distribution services through the reintroduction of the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) scheme.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday, AEDC Technical Director, Oluwafemi Zacchaeus revealed that the new MAP program aims to close the meter demand gap as 180,000 meters are ready to be deployed.

Mr Zacchaeus said six vendors had been shortlisted to distribute the 180,000 meters, listing vendors as Mojec International Company, Protogy Global Services, Turbo Energy, Momas, CIG and Holley.

According to him, the single-phase unit and the three-phase meter unit would be sold at N63,061.32 and N117,910.69 respectively.

In November 2021, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ordered distribution companies to increase the price of the single phase unit from N44,896.17 to N58,661.69 and the three phase unit from N82,855 .19N to 109,684.36N.

Meanwhile, Donald Etim, Marketing Director of AEDC, assured that the meters would be installed without delay as soon as customers made payment. He gave a deadline of 10 days for the installation.

He said: “Our customers are assured of flawless processing of their meter request. Customers are also assured that the meters will be installed within 10 days of receipt of their letter of application.

In a similar development, the electricity distribution company has also launched a sales website, where electricity customers can buy energy without going through intermediaries.

“AEDC’s offering to improve the customer experience has received a boost with the development of a platform that allows electricity customers to purchase energy directly from the company rather than going through a third party. said Mr. Etim.

He added, “With this platform, customers are not only assured of the elimination of additional charges such as service charges, commissions and convenience fees, but they are also assured of easy reconciliation of their account, a 24/7 real-time online service as an instant value for energy purchased in any part of their franchise area. »

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