Adults only hotel looks extremely rude from the air

People got stitches after satellite images showed a hotel with a rather phallic shape. The Scarlet Hotel describes itself as an “ecological sanctuary on the rugged Cornish cliffs, adults only” and from the ground up looks like a normal hotel.

The venue is set against a bay at Mawgan Porth, near Newquay, Cornwall, with a stunning beach and headland behind. But its guests were left shocked after aerial footage revealed a resort that lived up to its adults-only slogan.

Some even said they couldn’t believe the original architect hadn’t been “in on the joke” when designing the building – given its striking resemblance to a human penis. Commenting on the images on Facebook, Bryan Andrews said: “You can’t help but think the architect/designer was sitting sketching in his chair with nothing on the TV box thinking ‘I wonder if I can get this part of the planning department?’

“And happy days they did. How the hell that wasn’t factored into the planning stage is beyond me.” Another local added: ‘Wow, looks like the architect knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

The structure is so large that it is not visible in its eye-catching form on the ground – but satellite images leave little to the imagination.

Another observer added: “Only by looking at it on Google Earth from a certain angle can you get the full picture. But once you see it, it’s impossible to link it to anything. else. It’s apparently a joke among some locals and pictures have already been posted – but something like this needs to be shared with a wider audience.”

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