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Atul Gupta | 23 january 2020

By Atul Gupta


With new technological trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), many companies have been able to improve and update their operations. In the hotel and hospitality industry, technology has helped make many hotels and resorts more efficient, able to provide better service to their guests. Hospitality industry technology has been able to capitalize on the Internet of Things (IoT) by providing a better user experience for guests. Today, customers can book through an app and schedule their stay with their smartphones.

In addition to the Internet of Things, hotel industry technology has also included new, more advanced software. New hotel technology has significantly advanced hotel operations by enabling guests to obtain rooms and access all available services offered. Today, new hotel technology can help hotels plan events more efficiently, process room reservations, and more easily monitor income and financial transactions. The development of hotel and hotel software has enabled hotels to be even more organized than in the past. As a result, they are even more likely to consistently deliver more satisfaction to their guests.


Today, many hotels have followed certain key trends that have enabled them to better meet the unique needs of their guests. Along with the use of cloud-based software, hotels today have become more personalized as they are even more concerned with helping their guests to have the best possible experience while staying at their establishment.

In recent years, there has been a technological explosion in the hotel and hospitality industry. The use of cloud-based software has made it easier for hotels to manage their transactions and day-to-day tasks. It has also allowed guests to rely on mobile apps and websites to make requests and get the services they need for their stay. This technology has helped transform a modern hotel into a smart hotel as they have become more user-friendly.

Another trend that has contributed to the development of the modern smart hotel has been seamless technology. This includes features like mobile check-in and digital concierge services. Today, hotels offer high-tech cards that detect a guest’s presence and open the door before they even reach them. This has provided the guests with more convenience as they can simply walk into their room instead of swiping a card there. Mobile check-ins have allowed customers to process their check-in digitally and avoid having to rely on a front desk employee to do this for them. As a result, hotel customers and employees can save a lot of time.

7 tech trends you can’t ignore in 2020

In the past, hotels were just places where people could sleep and relax while traveling when away from home. However, there have been a lot of changes in the industry over the past few years. Today, hotels have become places where many activities take place. These include seminars, business meetings and conferences. There have been many other hotel technology trends that have drastically changed the industry.


One of the most recent hotel technology trends has been the development of mobile devices as door keys. Hotels today provide maps which are things that put data on a guest’s mobile device. With this card, guests can more easily access their rooms and other areas of the hotel such as the gym and spa. These cards can also be visually scanned to process entry into these areas of the hotel.


In recent years, hotels have made it possible for guests to serve themselves. Most customers prefer to use technology rather than interacting with humans. As a result, the development of remote verification and verification has made it possible for guests to use applications to perform these menial tasks. As new technology has created more automation, hotel guests and employees can spend more time focusing their efforts on other activities.


In recent years, room phones in hotels have had a reduced role in guest use. However, the room phones of today and tomorrow will often play a bigger role in terms of connectivity. Today, a guest can use their cell phone to control things like their bedroom television, sound system, and blinds. They can also use the cell phone to request wake-up calls, be notified of a visitor’s arrival, and request a taxi or driving service to transport them around town.


New technology in the hospitality industry has given rise to new applications for customers. These are options that allow customers to receive information about new hotel offers, notifications about hotel services and also loyalty programs. The guest app can also provide an itinerary for an event.


With the development of technological devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, the demand for bandwidth is very high. As a result, hotels have dramatically increased the amount of bandwidth available to accommodate guests who frequently access the internet for devices.


New location-based services have also emerged as the key to advancing technology in the hospitality industry. With location-based services, guests can more easily locate hotel employees and staff. As a result, they can more efficiently get the support they need whenever it is needed.


Technology fairs are another new trend in the hospitality industry. With tech fairs, hotels can provide a public space for guests to use tech devices and perform tasks using technology. New tech shows have become a preference among many guests in recent years.


Like all other industries, the hotel and hospitality industry has undergone many significant changes in recent years. Hotels have made these changes using the latest hospitality and travel software. With this new hospitality and travel software, hotels have been able to help themselves operate more easily and meet the needs of their guests. Over the past few years, hotels have introduced several technology options that include automated check-ins, staff tracing services, mobile door keys, and technology lounges to provide a more rewarding experience for guests.

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